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FREE* Cavity Wall InsulationWe can usually insulate your cavity walls free of charge to save you up to 35% on your energy bills!
FREE* Loft & Room-in-Roof InsulationIf you currently have 50mm or less insulation in your loft or roof room sloping walls we may be able to insulate them free of charge!
Higher Grants if on Benefit!All homes are eligible for our insulation grants but if you or someone in your home is on benefit you may be entitled to a higher grant!  Click here to see if your benefits count
FREE home surveyGet in touch and we will undertake all necessary checks and paperwork completely free of charge.
Government backed serviceGrants provided through the Government’s Help To Heat programme and paid by energy suppliers.

*All insulation works are subject to survey.  The grant amount will vary from home to home and in some cases a customer contribution may be required but this will be confirmed at the point of survey

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*Are the works always free?

Not always but sometimes!  The grant will vary from home to home and it is based on the results of an energy performance certificate (EPC).  The EPC tells us how much the works will save on your energy bills and this then determines the grant.  The bigger your home is and the more it leaks heat, the bigger the grant will be.  So older homes with solid walls and little insulation would get a bigger grant than a smaller, modern, well insulated home 


What type of insulation?

We install 3 main types of insulation, loft insulation which would typically be fibreglass quilt rolled out into your loft to a depth of around 300mm, cavity wall insulation which would be either a glass wool or bead material and room in roof insulation which involves a combination of traditional loft insulation and special high density insulation boards that are slid up between the tiles and the sloping ceilings.  Homes that already have more than 2 inches of loft insulation are unlikely to get free loft insulation as the energy savings for topping up insulation of 4 inches or above are quite small. Click here to see videos explaining how the insulation is installed and how it can save you money.


What work is involved in the installation?

Loft insulation would typically take a few hours to complete and we would insulate any cold water tanks and pipes in your loft at the same time.  Cavity wall insulation typically takes half a day and requires a series of holes around 1 meter apart to be drilled to allow the insulation to be pumped in.  The room in roof insulation will vary depending on the size of roof and the work involve but this could be completed in as little as half a day


Do I get a bigger grant if I am on benefit?

Yes!  Usually the grant funding for people who are on benefit is higher than for those people who are not on benefit


How much will I save on my bills?

The Energy Savings Trust estimates that a gas heated detached house could save as much as £240 a year if it has no existing insulation and 270mm of fibreglass is installed.  If you already have some loft insulation then this saving will be lower and if you heat your home with a fuel other than mains gas the savings could be even higher.  The Energy Savings Trust estimates that a detached gas heated house could save £275 a year through installing cavity wall insulation.


Do you offer heating grants?

If you are in receipt of benefits you may be entitled to a grant to upgrade your boiler or to have storage heaters installed.  For more information please go to our other websites or 


I am a landlord, can I apply for my rental property?

Yes you can apply to insulate any home even if you don’t live there and if your tenant is on benefit you also benefit from the higher grant

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